In January, Chris Shipley, a fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, walked into our Journalism and Democracy class and asked us to be part of a project that she said would help lay out the future of social journalism. She wanted to focus on discovering something she felt newsrooms were really lacking — a set of best practices for use of Twitter.

Shipley told us that fewer than 2 in 5 news organizations have formal social media policies to guide them and she wanted to change that. Our group’s role in this research project has been to research social media best practices and compose a style book to guide newsrooms in Twitter ethics. Through interviews with journalists and a survey to gauge reader engagement on Twitter, we have developed a policy to guide newsrooms in breaking news, managing their account and the accounts of their reporters, and tailoring Twitter use to their outlet. We’ve broken our research findings into the simplest format for you to look through.

We’re Team Policy. Let us show you the future.

View our policy recommendations as a PDF.

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